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Caithness is the most northern county in mainland Britain. Closely linked with Orkney, the area has Pictish, Norse and Gaelic roots, and can be described as the lowlands beyond the Highlands of Scotland. Surrounded by water to the north and east, and by the county of Sutherland to the south and west, the area is one of outstanding natural beauty.

Although Caithness is the ancestral home of the Sinclairs, Earls of Caithness, many notable families have roots in the area. Caithness was  home to many families who settled abroad, most notably in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Local surnames include: Gunn, Sutherland, Bain, Munro, Coghill, Groat and Swanson

Whether you are looking for your Caithness ancestors, or for those from elsewhere in the British Isles, using the records available I can help you build up a picture of what life was like for your ancestors.

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