Why hire a researcher?

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Many people choose to research their families themselves using the vast amount of information that is readily available over the internet. Perhaps that’s how you happened upon this site?

It is perfectly OK to research in this way but, by not hiring a professional, you may be missing out on information – due to a number of factors.

  • Local researchers have local knowledge – we know quickly if information is available and where that information can be found.
  • Local researchers know the area – parish boundaries change over time, as can place names.
  • Professional researchers have specialist knowledge of genealogical sources – we know where and how to access information quickly and efficiently.
  • Palaeographic skills (reading old handwriting) take time to acquire and do not come easily to everyone – we can take your documents and transcribe them for you.
  • Official documents are not always accurate – a professional can spot errors and inaccuracies in documents and advise as to the best way forward.

A professional researcher will give you standards of proof – if a family link can’t be proven you will be told and possible next steps given.

Hiring a professional researcher saves you time,

can save you money

and research can be tailored to your needs and your budget.