I pride myself on providing a personally-tailored genealogical package for each client.

There are no generic packages here.

I believe that as each family has a character of its own, the research should reflect this. Some clients prefer to concentrate on travelling backwards as far as possible on one male line, while others prefer to find out everything they can about one branch before moving back in time. Some people want to know everything about the grandparents in their family and are not that worried about aunts and uncles, but some people want to know about specific individuals or places. In other words, the research can be as individual as you are.

We will discuss your individual needs, and together we will form a strategy that will best suit your research and your budget.

Basic Genealogical Research

Using the records available I will research aspects of your family for you, this usually includes census records, birth, marriage and death certificates (available from 1837 in England and Wales, and 1855 in Scotland) and old parish registers. Negative results as well as positive will be noted for your records.

Chargeable expenses not included within the research costs are: copies of certificates (charged at cost), photocopies of documents, photographs.

Prices start at £25 per hour

Document Transcription / Palaeography services

Do you have an old will, diary or manuscript that needs deciphering?

Handwriting varies in complexity with each document, so please contact me for further assistance. A scanned example representative of your document will be required to estimate the time needed.  Please do not send original documentation.

House Histories

House histories are available for the Caithness area. Each report will vary according to the information available, age of the property etc. Please contact me for further assistance.

Prices start at £25 per hour

Book Design and Layout

I can design and layout your genealogical book for you. Please see here for more information.