Terms & Conditions

Before we start there are a few things that will make the research process easier for both of us:

  •  Before starting a commission it is best to give all relevant known data (certificate information, family members, ages, known places etc.), this can drastically reduce search times, thus reducing your charges.

Please ensure that all relevant information is as accurate as possible to avoid negative search results.

  • Please remember that searches can often produce negative results. A search of a register may not result in an entry for your ancestor, however the time taken on the search must still be charged for.

Prices quoted are for time taken to search the various records, positive results cannot be guaranteed.

  • Commissions will be discussed prior to payment. Type and length of search will be agreed upon, along with budget allocations. Research time will not go above the budget set unless specifically agreed to beforehand.
  • Once a commission is started, if the customer wishes to cancel at any time, the search can be stopped but work carried out up until that time must be paid for in full

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